Managing PWSG Equipment


Weaving and spinning equipment can be rented on Wednesday through Saturday, at a guild meeting or on completion of a course. On Wednesday through Saturday, a member of the weaving and spinning or ACP executive is at the ACP from 10 to 1 to coordinate equipment rental. Whenever a piece is rented, the rental form must be filled out and placed in the green binder in the Active Loans section. On an exception basis, equipment can be loaned at another time by contacting the weaving equipment manager to arrange a time when she can come to the ACP.


When a return is made, payment is required. The executive member present at the ACP will accept the return and associated payment, on Wednesday through Saturday in the 10 to 1 timeframe. At this point, the loan form is completed to confirm the return date and payment. The weaving equipment manager is advised of the return. Returns can also be made at a guild meeting. The weaving equipment manager will pass by later to confirm the condition of the equipment and ensure that it is replaced in the proper spot in the studio. Filling out and completing the rental form on rental and return with returned date and payment indication remains essential to make this work. 

The weaving equipment manager will continue to monitor the weaving equipment inventory. This equipment inventory review should be completed annually but it is proposed that a 6 month review be completed at this point given the ‘missing pieces’. The weaving equipment manager will continue to update both weaving and spinning equipment lists as new pieces arrive. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Dyeing Equipment Inventory – Revised November2021

All dyeing equipment remains in the studio at ACP and is not available to rent.

LocationNumber and Item
Studio3 stainless steel dye pots – various sizes (Some may be Fayes)
Studio1 food size scale (may be Faye’s)
Studio1 thermometer
Studio2 thick plastic table covers
StudioPlastic bags and buckets (for dyeing only)
StudioLarge towel and cloths
Studio1 blue enamel pot with lid

Spinning Equipment Inventory and Rental List – Revised March 2024

Please refer to the membership list or at a meeting ask to be put in contact with the member responsible for rental of spinning equipment. The Guild maintains first right of use for all equipment as it is used for courses. Equipment borrowed must be returned promptly when it is needed for courses. Except as indicated below, the standard rental period is 3 months.  There is no rental fee when a piece of equipment is used in the ACP studio and not taken home. In the list below, NC means no rental charge applies

The drum carder can be rented for a maximum of 2 weeks. Spinning wheels can be rented for 3 months providing that no other member is waiting for a particular wheel.

NB: Please refer to the separate sheet for specific rules for the rental of the drum carder and the spinning wheels.

LocationNumber and ItemMonthly Rental Fee
Studio7 pairs hand carders$5
Studio2 pairs handcombs (Hawkins and Indigo Hound)$5
Studio1 lazy Kate$5
Studio1 Ashford traditional spinning wheel$15
Studio1 Lendrum spinning wheel$15
Studio3 Louet spinning wheels$15
Studio1 Schacht Ladybug spinning wheel$15
Studio1 Antique spinning wheelNot for rent
Studio1 Antique production spinning wheelNot for rent
Studio1 drum carder$5/2 days or $10/week
Studio1 ball winder$10
Studio1 swift$10
Studio2 niddy-noddys$5
Studioblending hackles$5
Studio7 drop spindlesNC
Studio1 Louet standalone skein winderNot for rent
Studio1 weigh scale for yarnNot for rent
Studiospinning wheel maintenance kitNot for rent
StudioeSpinner, including  foot pedals and lazy KateNot for rent- studio use only
 Missing Items 
 3 lazy Kates$5

(Please read before renting carder)

  1. Please ask at a meeting for contact information for the member who keeps the carder. You can
    then arrange for picking up and dropping off the carder. Renters will sign an agreement before
    taking the carder.
  2. The fee is $5.00 for two days or $10 per week, with a limit of 2 weeks. It must be returned
    after 2 weeks, unless the keeper of the carder has had no other requests. Then, it can be borrowed
    for another 1 or 2 weeks, but no longer.
  3. Payment MUST be made when the carder is returned. The keeper of the carder transfers
    carder rental fees to the treasurer every six months. If payment is not made at this time, the fee
    of $10.00 per week will continue.
  4. The carder must be returned clean and in good working order.
    a. Tools for cleaning are in the bin with the carder.
    b. Use the brush to clean the rollers.
    c. Use the long tweezers to regularly remove fuzz from the bearings.
    d. The pick is ONLY used to remove the batt from the drum at the drum cloth connection
    line. This pick MUST NOT come in contact with the drum cloth containing the wire claws. This
    cloth is very expensive to replace.
    e. Feed only small amounts into the carder each time.
    REPAIRS. If there are problems, contact the keeper of the carder who will obtain advice from
    an experienced user of the carder or the executive of the guild.
  5. These rules have been compiled in an attempt to be fair to everyone who wishes to use the
    carder and to address issues which have come up in the past.
    April 2012

PHWSG Spinning Wheel Rental Guidelines
Louet S15DT, Louet S-17 Single Treadle (two)
and Schacht Ladybug Wheels

  1. The spinning wheels are available for use during Guild taught lessons
    or Study Group at monthly General Meetings.
  2. Wheels are available for rental by PHWSG members only.
  3. It is understood, that the member who is renting the wheel will be the
    only one operating the wheel.
  4. The rental agreement form must be signed before taking a wheel
  5. The weekly rental fee is $15.00 per month up to a maximum of 3
    months duration (unless another member is waiting for that particular
    wheel, in which case it would be returned within a month so that it
    may be rented out the next month to the waiting member).
  6. The wheel is to be returned to KAGS within the appointed rental time.
  7. Maintenance/repair is to be done only by the assigned member in
    charge of Spinning Equipment.
    Please Note – At the end of each use on all wheels, the tension knob is to
    be loosened and the drive band dropped down to the smallest whorl or
    removed from the main wheel and left loose. This will eliminate warping of
    the wheel and stretching of the drive band.
    February 2017

Weaving Equipment Inventory and Rental List – Revised May  2024

Please refer to the membership list or at a meeting ask to be put in contact with the member responsible for rental of weaving equipment. The Guild maintains first right of use for all equipment as it is used for courses. Equipment borrowed must be returned promptly when it is needed for courses. The standard rental period is 3 months. At present, the only item that cannot be rented for three months is the Fanny loom. The Mira/Fanny loom can only be rented for 1 month. There is no rental fee when a piece of equipment is used in the ACP Studio and not taken home.

In the lists below, Studio means the equipment is to be found in the ACP Studio itself while Storage means the equipment is kept in the storage locker. NC means there is no rental cost.

LocationNumber and ItemMonthly Rental Fee
Studio7 4h Dorothy table looms (weaves 15”) – looms #1 to # 9 missing #4 Includes paired lease sticks 1- 9, metal rods and appropriate reeds 15” looms – 2, 3, 7, 9 15.75” looms – 1, 5, 6$15
Studio2 8h Dorothy table loom – castle (weaves 15”)$15
Studio1  8h harness table top loom (includes 6/8/10 reeds, lease sticks and shuttles)Not for rent- studio use only
Studio1 4H Homemade Dorset floor loom (weaves 18”) – folding, light wood + paired lease sticks$15
Studio2 4h Meco looms (weaves 22”)$15
Studio2 stands for Meco table looms$10
Studio1 Dorset copy floor loom (weaves 20”) – folding, dark wood with lease sticksNot for rent
Studio1 4h Mira/Fanny floor loom (weaves 45”)$25
Studio1 4h Leclerc floor loom (weaves 45”) – counterbalance includes bench$25
Studio1 peg loom and pegs 
Studio2 Inkle looms – one handcrafted. Each includes string heddles which MUST remain with the looms not be discarded.$10
Studio3 box looms + 2 paired lease sticks$10
Studio2 back strap looms – one with 11”, other with 15” rigid heddle$10
Studio 2 Wonder weaver looms$5
Storage1 large Goblin tapestry loom (64”). Stored with Julia SzaboNot for rent
Studio2 small sample looms (10”)$5
Studio3 21” rigid heddle looms 1 no reed 1x 6 dent 2 x 14 dent$15
Studio1 7’ triangular shawl loom$10
Studio1 3’ triangular shawl loom$10
Studio1 small twining bag loom$10
Studio8 tapestry looms – 1 RAM, 1 Salish$10
Studio8 medium tapestry looms$10
Studio2 sets of cards for card weaving$2
Studio14 1’ square frame looms + 17 beaters$5
Studio2 1’square frame loom kits +beaters 
Studio1 table warping reel$10
Studio6 small warping boards with pegs$10
Studio2 large warping boards with pegs 
Studio16 extra warping board pegs 
Studio2 warping paddles – 1 wire, 1 wooden$3
Studio3 Cone holders 
Studio1 pair Leclerc shaft stabilizers (for counter balance loom)$5
Studio3 heddle helpers$5
StudioRaddles – 8”(1), 14” (3), 20” (1), 22”(2), 36”(2), 46” (1)$10
Studio1 electric bobbin winder$10
Studio4 manual bobbin winders$5
Studio2 12”x1” dowels 
Studio1 crank 
Studio1 ball winder 
Studio1 swift 
Studio2 fringe twistersNot for rent
StudioWheeled dolly to transport Dorset floor loomNC
  Reeds – when rented without a loom
Rigid Heddle Loom  
Studio10”1x 12 dent 
Studio12”1×6 dent  1×12 dent 
Studio21”1×6 dent 1×10 dent 2×12 dent 
Studio23”1×6 dent 
Standard Loom  
Studio15”1×6 dent$10
Studio15”4×8 dent$10
Studio15”4×10 dent$10
Studio15”12×12 dent$10
Studio20”1X10 dent$10
Studio20”1×12 dent$10
Studio20”1/15 dent$10
Studio22”1×6 dent$10
Studio22”6 x 12 dent$10
Studio27”1×5 dent$10
Studio27”1×12 dent$10
Studio27”1×15 dent$10
Studio36”1×5 dent$10
Studio36”1×15 dent$10
Studio40”1×18 dent$10
Studio45”1×10 dent$10
Studio45”2×15 dent$10
Studio2 ski shuttles$3
Studio6 rag shuttles$3
Studio1 very small boat shuttle$3
Studio11 short boat shuttles$3
Studio4 long boat shuttles – found 4$3
Studio5  6” belt shuttles for the inkle looms$3
StudioMany stick shuttles$3
Studio2 Double bobbin shuttles 
Studio6 Flat shuttles for the Dorothy looms$3
Studio50 small bobbinsNC
Studio12 large bobbins 
Studio12 extra large bobbins ?? – noneNC
Studio3 stretchers (temples) – 3 – 2 wooden & 1 metal$10
Studio2 sectional tensioners$10
Studio1 small easelNot for rent
Studio1 medium easelNot for rent
Studio1 large easelNot for rent
Studio5 reed hooksNC
StudioMany film canisters for loom weightsNC
StudioBox of heddles and lamsNot for rent
StudioRings and chain for scarves 
StudioBox of crochet hooks$3
StorageLarge box of spare loom partsNot for rent
Storage5 tables for Dorothy looms$10
Storage14 short David Bell boat shuttlesNot for rent – kept for prizes
Storage2 long David Bell boat shuttlesNot for rent – kept for prizes
Missing Items
 1 tapestry beater$5
 3 raddles – 23”, 28”, 45”$10
 15” 1×8 dent reed$10
 20” 5×12 dent reed$10
 22” 2×8  dent reed$10
 22” 3×10 dent reed$10
 22” 6×12 dent reed$10
 27”1×8 dent reed$10
 36”1×10 dent reed$10
 45” 1×5 dent reed$10
 1 4 H Dorothy table loom #4$15
 4 rag shuttles$3
 6 small boat shuttles$3
 1 large boat shuttle$3