Sample Binders   – (located on large shelves in hallway at ACP)

Master Weaver Series

  • Basic Weaves
  • Block Weaves and Weaving Methods 1Block Weaves and Weaving Methods 2
  • 4-Harness Designs 1
  • 4-Harness Designs 2
  • 4-Harness Double Cloth
  • 8-Harness Weaves
  • 8-Harness Double Weave
  • Lace Techniques
  • Checks and Plaids
  • Colour and Weave Effects

Other Binders with Samples of Weaving

  • Pauline’s Weaving Samples 1 – Pauline Fanning
  • Pauline’s Weaving Samples 2 – Pauline Fanning
  • Over the Edge – Etobicoke Guild
  • Contemporary Linens – E. W. Hickens
  • Fabrics for the Home – E. W. Hickens
  • No Common Thread – Dini Moes
  • Lace Weaves Workshop – Donna Muller
  • Surface Weaves Workshop 1982 – Dini Moes
  • Surface Weaves Workshop 1989 – Dini Moes
  • Canadian Centennial Book 1967 – Ontario Handweavers and Spinners
  • Crackle Weave Study Group – P.H.S.G.
  • Tea Towel Exchange – P.H.S.G.
  • Silk Workshop – Karen Selk
  • New/Seasoned Weavers Workshop – P.H.S.G.
  • Handwoven Linens for the Home – Virginia West
  • Perfectly Plain Weave Workshop – J. Stafford
  • Weaving Ways with Silk – Frances Timbers
  • Weaving Notes – P.H.S.G.
  • Book of Cards – Pauline Fanning
  • Box of Christmas Cards – Mary Lavery
  • Handwoven Coverups (3 copies) – P.H.S.G. and Peterborough Museum
  • Plaits and Braids – Pat Battye
  • Weaving Graphic Imagery – Judy Chapman


Fibre FocusSpring 2010 – ongoingFormerly OHS Bulletin
HandwovenSpring 1981 – ongoingPlus index 1979-2000
Little LoomsSummer 2023 – ongoing
PlySummer 2014 – ongoing
Spin OffSpring 2001 – ongoingPlus index 1977-2000


Basic BasketsCary, M.1975
Basic Book of Twining, TheDendel, E.1978
Basket Book, TheSiler, L.1988
Basket-MakingPollock, P.1994
Basketmaker, The – Book 3Blair, D.1995
Baskets From Nature’s BountyJensen, E.1991
Contemporary Wicker BasketryHoppe, F.1996
Edith Clayton’s Market BasketGordon, J.1977
Indian Basket WeavingNavajo School1971
Making Creative BasketsLaferla, J.2000
Modern Approach to Basketry, AMeilach, D.1974
PHSG Basket PatternsP H & S Guild2004
Splint Woven BasketryDaugherty1986
Step by Step BasketryGilman, R.1977
Techniques of Basketry, TheHarvey, V.1986
Twill BasketryLaPlantz, S.2001
Ultimate Basket Book, TheSiler, L.2006
Use of Cattails, Rushes and GrassesDean, A.1991
Weaving with Reeds and FibersTod, O.1975
Wicker BasketryHoppe, F.1989


Ancient Dyes for Modern WeaversWeigle, P.1974
Color In SpinningMenz, D.
Complete Guide to Natural DyeingLambert, E.2010
Craft of the DyerCasselman, K.1993
Deb’s Dye Sample WorkbookVanderniet, D.2003
Dyer’s Compliment, The Cameron
Dyer’s Garden, ABuchanan, R.1995
Dyes and DyeingSimmons, M.1978
Dyes From Lichens and PlantsMcGrath, J.1977
Eco Colorflint, I.2008
FloracoloreWenstof, B.1978
Goldenrod – A Dye for All SeasonsCarter, L.1981
Hand Dyeing Yarns and FleeceCallahan, G. 2010
Hands-On DyeingBlumenthal, B.1988
How Indians Use Wild PlantsDensmore, F.1928
Indigo and the Antiquity of DyeingGerber, F.1977
Indigo TextilesSandberg, G.1989
Into IndigoPolakoff, C.1980
Natural DyeingCrook, J.2007
Natural DyesLathrop, H.1978
Natural Dyes – Plants and ProcessesKramer, J.1972
Natural Dyes and Home DyeingAdrosko, R.1971
Natural Plant DyeingBrooklyn, B.1978
Nature’s ColorsGrai, I.1974
New Dyer, TheVinroot, S.1981
SpectrumMcGuffin, N.1986
Tie Dyeing and BatikAnderson, F. 1977
Vegetable Dyes from N. American PlantsLeechman, D.1977
Weaver’s Garden, ABuchanan, R. 1987
Your Yarn DyeingDavenport, E.1974


Fast, Fun and Easy Needle FeltingFarris, L.2006
Felt FrenzyBrack, H.2007
Felt It!Pace, M.2006
Felt-MakingEvers, I.1987
Felted KnitsGaleska, B.2003
Felting : The Complete GuideDavis, J.2009
Felting IdeasP H S Guild2008
Fleece DogSINCO2006
How to Make FeltBelgrave, E.1995
I Love FeltTaylor, K.2008
Knit One, Felt TwoTaylor, K.2003
Making and Uses of Felt, TheHuffman, D.2003
Needle FeltingVickrey, A.2002
New Directions for FeltSjoberg, G.
New Felt Using the Felting NeedleHanson, B. K.2003
Nuno NouveauClay, L.2007
Pursenality PlusWeichmann, E.2006
Uniquely FeltWhite, C.2007
Wool BuddiesHuang, J.2013


Around the World in 80 SweatersBradley, S.1988
Domino KnittingHoxbro, V.2002
Fair Isle KnittingDon, S.1982
Family AlbumFassett, K.1989
Glorious KnittingFassett, K.1985
Have You Any Wool?Messant, J.2015
Homespun, HandknitLigon, L.1987
Knitted GiftsBudd, A.1983
Knitter’s AlmanacZimmermann, E.1974
Knitter’s StashAlbright, B.2001
Knitting A Step by Step GuidePortland House1990
Knitting ComfortablyDemers, C.2016
Knitting from the TopWalker, B.1972
Knitting in the Old WayGibson-Roberts, P.1985
Knitting with Dog HairMontgomery, A.1994
Knitting WorkshopZimmermann, E.1981
Natural Knitter, TheAlbright, B.2007
North Island DesignsMaine Designers1992
Shadow KnittingHoxbro, V.2004
Sweater Workshop, TheFee, J.1983
SweatersTakle, T.1992
Sweaters by HandRush, H.1988
Sweaters for MenStarmore, A.1990
Treasury of Magical Knitting, ABordhi, C.2004
Two-End KnittingLing, A.2002
Vogue KnittingEditors Vogue2018
Wrapped in CrochetOmdahl, K.2008
You Knit UniqueAndersen, L.1985


50 Heirloom ButtonsNehring, N.1996
African Textiles and Decorative ArtsSieber, R.1972
Amos’s SweaterLunn, C.1988
Basic Book of TwiningDendel, E.1978
Book of Giving, theNorris, J.1979
Ceative KumihimoCarey, J.1994
Charlie Needs a CloakdePaola, T.1973
ColorZelanski, P.1999
Color and Design in MacrameHarvey, V.1967
Color in FashionOgawa, Y.1990
Color Star, TheItten, J.1985
Compendium of FinishingMcEneely, N.2003
Design on FabricsJohnston, M.1981
Design Principles and FiberPaque, J.1973
Designer’s Guide to Color, v. 1Stockton, J.1984
Designer’s Guide to Color, v. 2Stockton, J.1984
Goat in the Rug, TheBlood, C.1990
Handmade to SellRand, K.2012
Itten – The Elements of ColorBirren, F.1970
LaundryMendelson, C.2005
Little Spark, TheBloomston C.2014
MacrameLampton, S.1974
Making Handbags and PursesParks, C.1998
Nova Scotia Workbasket, ANova Scotia Museum1976
On DesigningAlbers, A.1961
PapermakingCouzins, E.1999
Pom-Poms!Goldschadt, S.2013
Principles of ColorBirren, F.1969
Rugmaking and MacrameNorth, A.1974
Selling Your CraftsSager, S.1998
Simply Sensational BagsMcGehee, L.2000
Spin, Span, SpunHochberg, B.1979
Step by Step RugmakingZnamierowski, N.1972
Weaver’s Surprise, TheKnisely, T.2019


All About SilkHandwoven2012
All New Handspun HandknitMoore, A.2009
Big Book of HandspinningAmos, A.2001
British Sheep BreedsBritish Wool1983
Care and Feeding of Spinning WheelsPauli, K.1981
Color in SpinningMenz, D.
Complete Spinning Book, TheCrockett, C.1977
Creative Spinning, Weaving and Plant DyeingAnderson, B.1973
Eight Handspun ScarvesSpin Off2012
Encyclopedia of Hand SpinningRoss, M.1988
Fibres to FabricsClark, H.1985
Fine Fleece, ALloyd, Lisa2008
Flax CultureAtton, M.1988
Fleece and Fibre Sourcebook, TheRobson, D.2011
Hand SpindlesPH & S Guild2007
Hand Woolcombing and SpinningTeal, P.1976
Handspinner’s Guide to Selling, TheSimmons, P.1979
Handspinning Art and TechniqueFannin, A.1970
Hemp for Textile ArtistsKolander, C.1995
Intentional Spinner, TheMacKenzie-McCuin, J.2009
IntertwinedBoeger, A.2008
Judith MacKenzie Collection, TheSpin Off2013
MerinoStove, M.1991
Selected Canadian Spinning WheelsKeenleyside, J.1980
Silk Worker’s Notebook, AKolander, C.1985
Spin ArtBoggs, J.2014
Spin to KnitOkey, S.2006
Spin Your SocksSpin Off2009
Spinner’s Book of Yarn Designs, The Anderson, S.2012
Spinning and DyeingAiken, M.1974
Spinning and Dyeing YarnMartineau, A.2014
Spinning and Weaving with WoolSimmons, P.1978
Spinning Designer YarnsVarney, D.1987
Spinning for Softness and SpeedSimmons, P.1982
Spinning Llama and AlpacaSwitzer, C.1994
Spinning Wheel Building and RestorationKronenberg, B.1981
Spinning Wool Beyond the BasicsField, A.1995
Spinning, Spinning Wheels and SpinnersBaines, P.1979
Step-by-Step Spinning and DyeingSvinicki, E.1974
Teach Yourself Visually HandspinningMacKenzie-McCuin, J.2007
Twisted Sisters Sock WorkbookVogel, L.2002
Weaving with HandspunSpin Off2012
YarnitectureMoreno, J.2016
Your HandspinningDavenport, E.1964


Art of the SpiritBradfield, H.1992
Art of Weaving, TheRegensteiner, E.1981
Articles by Dini Moes, WeaverMoes, D.1980s
Ashford Book of Textures and TowelsKrogh, E.2002
Atwater-Bronson LaceHandwoven2010
Backstrap WeavingTaber, B.1975
Baker’s Dozen : 13 BagsHandwoven2011
Baker’s Dozen, A (table mats)HGA
Band WeavingH. and S.1974
Bateman Blend WeavesHarvey, V.1982
Best of Weaver’s – Huck Lace, Thevan der Hoogt, M.2000
Beyond Craft: The Art FabricConstantine, M.1973
Big Book of WeavingLundell, L.2014
Book of Handwoven Coverlets, TheHall, E.1988
Boulevard, Chevron & Combination WeavesHarvey, V.1987
BoundweaveBarrett, C.1982
BrocadeTidball, H.1967
Byways in HandweavingAtwater, M.1976
Card WeavingGroff, R.1969
Ceinture FlecheeGuild of Cdn. Weavers1977
Cinderella Effect, TheFry, L.1998
Clans and Tartans of Scotland, TheBains, R.1968
Clothing From the Hands That WeaveMayer, A.1984
Collingwood, Peter, His Weaves and WeavingCollingwood, P.1963
Color-and-WeaveWindeknecht, M.1981
Color-and-Weave DesignSutton, A.1984
Comfortable Arts, theBurnham, D.1981
Comp. Guide to….Weaving with BlocksHandwoven2011
Complete Book of Drafting, Thevan der Hoogt, M.1993
Crackle Weave, TheSnyder, M.1961
Craft of Handweaving, ThePlath, I.1972
Craft of the Weaver, TheSutton, A.1983
Creative Monk’s BeltWindenecht, M.1976
Creative OvershotWindenecht, M.1978
Cut Above, TheWest, V.1992
Cut My CoteBurnham, D.1973
Deck the HallsHandwoven2006
Design and the HandweaverAtwater, M.1961
Designer DiagonalsWest, v.1988
Designing and Drafting for HandweaversFrey, B.1958
Designing and Making Handwoven RugsTod, O.1957
Designing for WeavingKurtz, C.1981
Designing on the LoomKirby, M.1955
Designing with blocksKeasbey, D.1993
Dishtowels (Design Collection 5)Handwoven1983
Double Two-Tie Unit WeavesBarrett, C.1983
Double WeaveTidball, H.1960
Double weave – DoublewidthHandwoven2009
Double Weave: Theory and PracticeBrostoff, L.
Dozen Projects in 10/2 Cotton, AHandwoven2012
Dozen Projects in 8/2 Cotton, AHandwoven2012
Easy Weaving with Supplemental WarpsHandwoven2016
Elements of WeavingLarsen, J.1967
Embroidering with the LoomDrooker, P.1979
Encyclopedia of HandweavingZielinski, S.1959
Fabrics That Go Bumpvan der Hoogt, M.2002
Favorite Scand. Projects to WeaveIgnell, T.2008
Finger Weaves and Simple LoomsAiken, M.1973
Finger WeavingTurner, A.1973
Fingerweaving UntangledJames, C.2008
Fingerweaving UntangledJames, C.2015
Finishes in the Ethnic TraditionBaizerman and Searle1978
Finishing of Handwoven Woolen FabricsYounie, C.
Finishing Touches for the HandweaverWest, V.1988
Four Harness WeavingMcDowell, G.1972
Frame Loom WeavingRedman, J.1976
Free Weaving on Frame and LoomHoppe, E.1972
Gifts (Design Collection 3)Handwoven1982
Great Cover-Ups (Design Collection 12)Handwoven1988
Hand Weaving and Cloth DesignStraub, M.1977
Handloom Weaves, TheTidball, H.1957
Hands-On WeavingLiebler, B.1986
Handweaver’s Notebook, AAlderman, S.1990
Handweaver’s Pattern Book, ADavison, M.1971
Handweaver’s Pattern Directory, TheDixon, A.2007
Handweaver’s Source Book, ADavison, M.1953
HandweavingPlath, I.1964
Handweaving in Pioneer CanadaBurnham, H.1976
Handwoven Baby BlanketsKnisely, T.2015
Handwoven LacesMuller, D.
Handwoven RugsAtwater, M.1948
Handwoven ScarvesInterweave Press1999
Handwoven SpecialtiesTidball, H.1964
Handwoven Table LinensKnisely, T.2017
Handwoven Treasury, APatrick, J.1989
Handwoven, TailormadeAlderman, S.1982
Heirloom Table linens (Design Collection 11)Handwoven1987
Hints from HarryLinder, H.1991
Home WeavingBeriau, O.-A.1939
Huck LaceHandwoven2015
Ikat to WearDean, A.1987
Inkle Loom WeavingHolland, N.1973
Inkle WeavingBress, H.1975
Jackets and Sweaters (Design Collection 17)Handwoven
Joy of Handweaving, TheTod, O.1964
Just Rags (Design Collection 8)Handwoven1985
Keep Me Warm One NightBurnham, D.1972
Kitchen (Design Collection 16)Handwoven1992
Lace and Lacey WeavesSnyder, M.1960
Lace WeavingMcDowell, G.1968
Latvian WeavingEvans, J.1991
Le FlecheBourret, F.1973
Learn to WeaveField, A.2014
Learning to WeaveChandler, D.1995
Linen HeirloomsGallagher, C.1968
Loom ConstructionHjert, J.1978
Magic of Doubleweave, Thevan der Hoogt, M.2006
Magic of Linen, TheHeinrich, L.1992
Master Weaver: M. van der HoogtHandwoven2014
Mastering Weave StructuresAlderman, S.2004
Merry Christmas, HandweaversTidball, H.1963
Miniature Patterns for Handweaving (Pt. 1)Estes, J.1956
Miniature Patterns for Handweaving (Pt. 2)Estes, J.1958
More on MoormanWinslow, H.1994
More than FourLaughlin, M.1976
Motifs for WeavingBest, E.
Multiple Tabby WeavesHarvey, V.1981
Navajo and His Blanket, TheHollister, U.1903
Navajo and Hopi Weaving TechniquesPendleton, M.1974
Navajo Blanket, TheKahlenburg, M.1972
Navajo WeavingAmsden, C.1934
New Key to WeavingBlack, M.1957
Next Steps in WeavingGraver, P.2015
No Sew Garments (Design Collection 9)Handwoven1986
Not for Beginners Only (Design Collection 6)Handwoven1983
On weavingAlbers, A.1965
Outerwear (Design Collection 4)Handwoven1982
Overshot eBook 2Handwoven2016
Overshot is Hotvan der Hoogt, M.2008
Overshot SimplyKesler-Simpson, S.2018
Pattern WeavingGoody, R.2012
Patterns from SwedenSelander, M.1961
Pile Weaves, TheWilson, J.1974
Pin Loom PathwaysHandwoven2015
Playing with BlocksVoolich, E.1977
Point Twill with Color-and-WeaveWindeknecht, M.1989
Primary Structures of Fabric, TheEmery, I.1966
Rag Weaving Tricks and GimmicksErickson, J.1999
Reader’s ChoiceHandwoven2009
Ready Reference TablesShuttlecraft Guild1957
Red and White WorkshopSnyder, M.
Rep Weave and BeyondTallorovic, J.2004
Rigid Heddle weavingSwanson, K.1975
Rosepath Motif, TheWindeknecht, M.1987
Rug Weaver’s Source Book, TheLigon, L.1984
Rug Weaving for EveryoneGallinger, O.1957
Sashes, Straps and BandsJohnston, R.1984
Scarves and Shawls (Design Collection 19)Handwoven2002
Scarves on Four shaftsHandwoven
Scottish TartansTidball, H.1962
Scottish Tartans, TheInnes, G.1970
Sectional Warping Made EasyGroff, R.1988
Sensational Scarves (Design Collection 15)Handwoven1991
Sett and Weaving of Tartans, TheBlack, M.
Setts of the Scottish Tartans, TheStewart, D.1974
Sew Something SpecialCurtis, K.1996
Shadow WeaveHandwoven2011
Shadow Weave and Corkscrew WeavingBarrett, C.1980
Shawloom InstructionsPWSG
Sheer Delight: Handwoven TransparenciesKeasbey, D.1990
Shuttlecraft Book of American HandweavingAtwater, M.1945
Shuttlecraft Guild Recipe Book, TheAtwater, M.1951
Simple Styles (Design Collection 7)Handwoven1985
Simple Summer Tops (Design Collection 1)Handwoven1981
Simple Summer Tops (Design Collection 13)Handwoven1989
Simple Tartan WeavingMacDonald, A.1952
Simple WeavingChetwynd, H.1969
Simple Woven GarmentsGoldenberg, S.2014
Small WebsLundback, M.1959
SprangSkowronski, H.1974
Sprang UnsprungJames, C.2011
Step by Step Tablet WeavingSnow, M.1973
Structure of Weaving, TheSutton, A.1982
Summer and WinterTidball, H.1966
Summer and WinterSullivan, D.1991
Summer and Winter and BeyondBarrett, C.1982
Summer and Winter: Techniques SeriesHandwoven2016
Supplementary Warp PatterningTidball, H.1966
Surface InterestTidball, H.1961
Table Linens (Design Collection 2)Handwoven1981
Tablet WeavingSutton, A.1975
Tablet WeavingSnow, M.1973
Tablet-Woven AccentsDam, I.2013
Tapestry WeavingGlasbrook, K.2015
Tapestry WeavingHarvey, N.1991
Tartans: Art and HistorySutton, A.1984
Technique of Freeform Design, TheSearles, N.1984
Technique of Woven Tapestry, TheBeutlich, T.1979
Techniques of Rug Weaving, TheCollingwood, P.1974
Techniques of Rya KnottingWillcox, D.1971
Techniques of Tablet Weaving, TheCollingwood, P.1982
Terrific Table Toppers (Design Collection 10)Handwoven1987
Textile Structure and AnalysisTidball, H.1966
Textiles of Ancient PeruD’Harcourt, R.1962
The Pinwheel – Color and Weave DesignWindenecht, M.1992
Theme and Variation: More Weaving that SingsSanders, N.2002
Thick and Thinvan der Hoogt, M.2001
Thousand+ Patterns in Shadow Weave, APowell, M.1976
Time to WeavePatrick, J.2006
Top Projects in Overshot: A Baker’s DozenHandwoven2008
Top Ten Blankets and ThrowsHandwoven2013
Top Ten PlacematsHandwoven2008
Top Ten Projects in Overshot Vol. 3Handwoven2020
Top Ten Rigid-heddle Table and  Kitchen LinensHandwoven2020
Top Ten Rugs on 4 ShaftsHandwoven2006
Top Ten ShawlsHandwoven2013
Top Ten Table RunnersHandwoven2009
Top Ten Towels on 8 ShaftsHandwoven2006
Treasure Chest of Swedish Weaving, TheSkjodebrand, I.1985
Treasury of Towels (Design Collection 18)Handwoven2002
Twill Thrillsvan der Hoogt, M.2004
Twills – Fabrics that Enhance Our LivesToronto Guild1986
Twills and Twill DerivativesLandis, L.1977
Twills on 4 ShaftsHandwoven2011
Undulating Weft EffectsTidball, H.1963
Virginia West Swatch BookWest, V.1985
Waffle WeaveHandwoven2015
Warp and WeaveLeclerc, R.1979
Warp PaintingNash, D.1981
Warp/Weft/SettBeveridge, J.1980
Warping All by YourselfGarrett, C.1974
WeaveCartwright, W.2007
Weave a WeaveSelander, M.1986
Weave, Knit, WearShangold, J.2014
Weaver’s Book of 8 Shaft Patterns, AStrickler, C.1991
Weaver’s Study CourseRegensteiner, E.1975
Weavers’ WearablesWest, V.1980
Weaves and Pattern DraftingTovey, J.1969
WeavingZnamierowski, N.1973
Weaving a Navajo BlanketReichard, G.1974
Weaving as an Art FormMoorman, T.1975
Weaving BandsTrotzig, L.1974
Weaving Book: Patterns and Ideas, A.Bress, H.1981
Weaving Contemporary Rag RugsAllen, H.1998
Weaving for Baby (Design Collection 14)Handwoven1990
Weaving IridescenceIrwin, B.2017
Weaving Life of Friedel, TheFriedel2005
Weaving on a Box-LoomMurphy, E.1968
Weaving Overshot
Weaving Rag RugsKnisely, T.2014
Weaving Roses, TheSafner, I.1985
Weaving SolutionsGriswald, A.2000
Weaving Techniques and ProjectsGonsalves, A.1974
Weaving with Antique FurCook, B.1971
Weaving with Foot Power LoomsWorst, E.1974
Weaving with LinenHandwoven2014
Weaving with RagsHandwoven2009
Weaving, Spinning and Dyeing Book, TheBrown, R.1979
Weekend Weaving Projects (Design Coll. 20)Handwoven2003
Working with the Wool: How…Navajo RugBennett, N.1973
Woven ArtDenbow, R.2016
Woven Carpets and RugsCroot, A.1974
Woven ShiboriEllis, C.2005
Woven TreasuresLamb, S.2009

Books New In 2024

  • Ancient Dyes for Modern Weavers (copy 2) – P. Weigle
  • Mother Nature’s Dyes and Fibers – W. Bearfoot
  • Dyeing and Painting Fabrics – C. Walter
  • Needle Felting Dogs – C. L. Thompson
  • Crocheting in Plain English – M. Righetti
  • Simple Crocheting – E. Knight
  • Toe-Up Socks – W. D. Johnson
  • Glorious Colour – K. Fassett
  • Knitting Around – E. Zimmerman
  • Bags to Sew – T. Waddell
  • The Scale Cabinetmaker
  • Window Treatments – Creative Publications
  • Quilting 101 – Creative Publications
  • Creative Bookbinding – P. Johnson
  • Hand-Made Books – R. Shepherd
  • Marbling on Fabric – E. Gray
  • The Weaver’s Companion – Handwoven
  • The Weaver’s Idea Book – J. Patrick
  • Krokbragd – D. Greenlaw

Books New In 2023

  • Crocheting in Plain English – M. Righetti
  • Simple Crocheting – E. Knight
  • Toe-Up Socks – W. Johnson
  • Introduction to High-Whorl Spinning – W. Whelan
  • The Weaver’s Companion – Handwoven
  • The Weaver’s Idea Book – J. Patrick
  • Needle Felting Dogs – C. Thompson
  • Best of Stitch, Bags to Sew – T. Waddell

Books New in 2022

  • The Intentional Weaver – L. Fry
  • Conventional Hemstitch and Variations – PWSG
  • Patterns On a Plain Weave – N. Steedsman
  • Manual of Finger Weaving – r. Austin
  • Weave Classic Crackle and More – S. Wilson
  • Doubleweave – J. Moore
  • Patterns for Basket Makers
  • Felt: the Art of Moy Mackay – M. Mackay
  • The Temari Book – A. Diamond

Books New in 2021

  • Little Looms – Handwoven
  • Welcome to Weaving – L. Campbell
  • Weaving Within Reach – A. Weil
  • Inkle Pattern Directory – A. Dixon
  • Felted Friends – K. Nichols
  • Color Works – D. Menz